No. 6


Ellen Hinsey  


{The Unquantifiable}

The vine, ridge and field are unquantifiable. They are only themselves. 

The Self in landscape is a contradiction: implies a state of homelessness that can never be healed. 


The Self in its nakedness is untenable—a mystery. 

Regarding Identity

The Self founders in self-definition like an animal in muddy water. Little adheres, most washes off. 

The Self, in its poverty, shores up its house using the struts of the radical will. 

Disquieting Hypothesis

Where the Self ends, the myth of origins begins. 


Simple Postulate

That which must be protected by the sword implies dissenting claims.

Not a Tautology

Only that which is incontestable can be considered Absolute. 

Regarding Chapter and Verse

After Adam and Eve’s envy of God’s knowledge, the Self’s belief in birthright was its most perilous sin.

Common Exegesis

Birthright is the failure of the Self to accept the placeless nature of being.

De Facto

Only the Absolute sleeps at night without the fear of the ancient, bloody sword. 

Uncomfortable Thesis

The Tribe, in itself, is not holy. 


Under the Sign of Mars

The Tribe is ever alert to difference, which it exalts to a cult of possibility

Contributing Variable

The genealogy of difference reaches back to the single source of the Radical Will.

While in Essence

The Tribe requires the other to determine the frontiers of its own poverty. 

Elementary, but Dangerous Given

The Tribe, unable to possess place, must create an artificial unity born out of the happenstance of earth

Not a Paradox

The cult of difference is always the grave of the Self.

Unexpected Encounter

The Tribe is ever surprised before the other’s broken body—by the eternal sameness of its blood. 

{Matter and Will}

Metaphysical Review

The most Radical forms of Will are always the compromise of spirit for matter.

Genesis of Will

The matter of the Will is always formed out of the evasive, gaseous universe of the Mind.

Astronomical Corollary

Radical Will always engenders a form of eclipse.

Ontological Supposition

If Evil exists, it cannot be separated from its origins in the self.

Theorem of Grief

Evil does not exist: only the eclipse that Radical Will casts across the face of God.

In Memoriam

Those singular acts of Will whose chaos pulls the world back to its black roots. 

{Final Borders}

Ideal Absolute

The Self must be divested of its longing for place to regain its essence.

Mythologies Concerning Territory

Like the haze at midday that obscures the patient visibility of eternal temporality.

Optimistic Postulate

Despite its homelessness, the Self can find sanctuary in the eternal Now—the ever-renewing instant of World and Other

Archaic Psalm

Where you go, stranger, I shall go, flesh of my flesh.

In the Light of Time

Where each one goes—through the valley of the earth, surrounded by the low, darkening hills and thick, ivory sky—

There are no boundaries: traversed as it is by the terrible and merciless waters of common being.




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