No. 7


Gleb Shulpyakov  

Translated from the Russian by Christopher Mattison  


Shostakovich Quartet, No. 13. Crank it all the way.
“In such weather…” — No, not the weather again!
Let’s drink to women, friendship, and to us!”
“And to civic asters in our local subway…”

Shostakovich Quartet, No. 14. “The view from the window…”
“What’s with you, my god, why Moscow landscapes again?
What’s it like, say, in California?” — “It’s cold there,
even nicotine and vodka’s gone up ten kopecks.”

Shostakovich Quartet, No. 15. “Come on, let’s fill it.”
“Finally! With cognac?” — “No, a hot bath…”
“Listen, what was his name,” “Sh…”  — “And then some tea.”
“I’m going.” — “Be careful a la cote de chez Swan.“

And everything is because of a violin, which rehearsed with an alto!
And the climate, of course, “a black flock of these rooks” …
Women berating cops beneath a Shostakovich quartet
and crows wander, stepping squeamishly into the snow.




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