No. 6


Margarita Meklina  

Translated from the Russian by Sonja Franeta  



Liya was drying herself with a towel. She let loose the towel, then wrapped the towel around her. Threw it down. Teasing. Playing. Iphis was watching her.

Liya, dark-eyed, shapely.

Iphis, small, pale, solid.

Liya was drying herself with the towel and drew closer to Iphis.

Iphis blushed yet wanted Liya to come even closer to her.

Liya’s breasts were round, prominent. Iphis wanted to be held against Liya’s breasts, like a toddler.

Liya went up and kissed Iphis right on the lips.

Iphis did not avoid her.

On the carpet with the Persian pattern, they lay and knew one another.

Ivory-like, as a marble cup, was Liya’s belly.

Statuesque, mermaid-like, Iphis appeared.

At first Iphis was on top, then Liya.

Then, they were kissing standing up, their heads joined like flowers moved by a soft wind.

Iphis went deep into Liya and became still —

Thereupon Liya, like the Mother Sea, took Iphis into herself and conceived.

But Iphis claimed it was not hers. And Liya sobbed: she had already fallen in love with Iphis. So Liya went to the Irish king and said: “within my womb is a handsome heir, a soldier for your army, a future fine marksman and poet. And I was only with Iphis and only Iphis’s treasures attract me, by heart I know her smell and her smile.”

But Iphis denied all, and Liya was no longer dear to her.

And the king was told that the beloved of Iphis was one of his squires.

So the king asked: “have you lain in bed, Iphis, with your future husband, a noble servant of mine named Iphigeniy?”

Iphis reddened and spoke: “Ku” (which means “yes” in the Irish tongue).

And the king said: “the seed of your bridegroom, oh blushing Iphis, was in your orifice, when you lay in bed with Liya... And the seed left you, oh beautiful Iphis, and passed into Liya—thus it was deigned by Almighty God, so this seed would beget a child.”

So it was up to Iphis to take care of Liya and the child, and together they raised him, and a blessing was bestowed on Iphis: she saw the charm and gifts of her Liya, and they began to live in harmony and happiness, and survived long years together, and born unto them were another two children.




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