No. 8-9


A. S. Pushkin 

Translated from the Russian by J. Kates 


Message to Siberia

Deep in the ore beds of Siberia
Preserve your self-respecting patience,
Not for nothing your hard labor
And your thoughtís high aspirations.

Hope, who is miseryís faithful sister,
Down in the grimmest dungeon will
Arouse your spirits and your zeal.
The time will come that you have wished for.

Love and friendship will pass through
Into your dismal prison cells
Just as, in those bestial holes,
My voice, unfettered, reaches you.

Your heavy chains will fall apart,
The dungeon walls cave in ó and freedom
At the gate will greet you gladly,
And brothers give you back your sword.

The Pushkin translation was originally used in  The Explorerís Guide to
Russia  and then reprinted in Ferberís European Romantic Poetry.



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