No. 8-9


Dennis Creffield 

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

These are some of the many drawings that I made in 1986
in response to a commission for a large painting for a Matrimonial

Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer-Night’s Dream’ was chosen as
the veryfitting subject because it Celebrates and Embodies the Joy
of — eventually achieved — Harmony and True-Love.

The inspiration for my figuration of the characters in the play were
1.) Archaic-Greek sculpture (remember that action of the play
takes place ‘in a wood near Athens’).  2.) Tudor court painting —
it is thought that Queen Elisabeth I might have been present at the 
first performance. 3.) English Medieval (secular) carving (which is
often found in churches and cathedrals!) — an exuberant and rich
portrayal of people animals plants and fantastical creatures —
especially that very English creation — the spirit-of-the-wood —
The Green Man.

Shakespeare would have known these carvings from childhood —
early inspirations perhaps — stories from stone?

Brighton, 10th May 2007

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