No. 8-9


Guido Monte  

Aha n.5: interior dungeon

(Ovid, Tristia; J. Conrad, Heart of darkness)
                   no light, rather darkness visible
                                  (J. Milton, Paradise lost)

orbis ultimus here it’s the last world,
a terra terra remota
    mea  a land so far from my old land
              seemed to led
into the heart of an immense darkness,
    deeper and deeper
into the heart of darkness —
nihil est nisi mortis imago
            only death’s faces

I could see the glitter of her eyes
full of tears — of tears that would not fall
illa dolore amens she,  in a fit of dispair
tenebris narratur obortis semianimis
media procubuisse domo  slumped down,
    being covered her eyes with darkness
                 ...du calme. Adieu


The Sanskrit term aha embraces all the letters of the alphabet  
in her depth, symbolically embracing  the whole universe.                                      



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