No. 8-9


Vladislav Khodasevich  

Translated from the  Russian by Andrey Gritsman  


Desdemona’d Lived in this Very Palazzo

“Desdemona’d lived in this very palazzo…”
It’s all not the truth, but it’s shameful to laugh at.
And look how pillar is standing by pillar
In this very palazzo.

Piazza at night getting calm in the distance,
The dome of the sky turns around — silence,
It’s adorned with stars like a hat of a clown.

Bygone is a boy off the balcony fallen…
Don’t even approach what the future will show…
Perhaps that is true that Desdemona‘d lived
In this very palazzo?...

May 5, 1914

Lady Washed Her Hands Forever

Lady washed her hands forever,
Lady rubbed her hands so hard.
Bloody throat is not forgotten
By this lady.

Lady, lady! You are flapping on a sleepless
Bed like a bird.
You can’t sleep for three hundred years —
I can’t sleep for six years also.





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