No. 10 - 11


Dipak Mazumdar  

Unsettling moods of Giorgoís loony Graphics

Circles, crescents, triangles,
some small, some larger than a match box
in a cage of night, lit by low energy bulbs,

a red eyed moon conducting an orchestra,
false teeth on melon, grapes lure lovesick lips,
a half eaten pomegranate 
                              hip-hopping on a pianola,

cars, sailors of sky, an underworld 
of screaming imps, mafias in felt hats, 
clowns of laughing nightmares, 

objects changing identities, things explode,
reveal their own laws, a structured
vaudeville, but dynamic visions of chaos, 

firecrackers from a toy shop on canvas, 
fragments of childhood wind and unwind, until 
three shots of a pistol 
from a motherís womb wake us up.




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