We are very happy to announce a new collaboration with
International Literature Festival (Ukraine).
8-10 June 2018

Over 1100 years of its existence Poltava has absorbed the spirit and
philosophy of heroic events of all nationalities which took part in them and
created a history of the city. In Scandinavian literature there are numerous
references of water trade route "from the Varangians to the Greeks", which 
passed through Poltava and connected Northern Rus' with Southern Rus' 
and the Baltic with Byzantium.
Union between Ivan Mazepa and Karl XII against the army of Peter the First
during the Northern War and is now a link between Ukraine and Scandinavia -
Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Germany. The word "Poltava" has 
long been a short-code word, password, which means "Battlefield" and calls 
out various emotions and desires.
International Poetry Festival MERIDIAN POLTAVA is a bridge between eras,
which allows to satisfy the desire to come back to Poltava and meet on the 
Field, but on another, on poetic one.
MERIDIAN POLTAVA is an annual festival that takes place in June since 2018.

1. The festival presents contemporary Swedish and Ukrainian literature, 
and poetry of the invited participating countries.
2. Participating countries of MERIDIAN POLTAVA: Sweden, Norway, 
Germany and Ukraine. Participants of the festival, 40 people - interesting and
famous poets, writers, musicians, kulturtragers of these countries.
3. During the event the texts of foreign authors will sound in Ukrainian,
and texts of Ukrainian ones - in Swedish. This will attract Ukrainian and 
Western European lovers of poetry, foreign tourists, journalists and ensure
dialogue between nations and cultures.
4. The festival program consists of two parts: a two-day cultural tour with
stops in places that represent Poltava for poetry readings and performances.
10-12 city locations are involved. The second part involves literature and
discussion events at the State Historical and Cultural Heritage Site
"Poltava Battlefield" during one day.
5. The festival is promoted by the invitation of European authoritative
journalists, publications in media of focus countries, participation of festival
stand in cult literary and book events in Sweden and focus countries.

Återkomst - Return
Kulturhuset, Stockholm. Saturday November 7, 2015. 14.00 - 15.30
S:ta Eugenia Stockholm. Sunday November 8, 2015. 13.30 - 15.00

2015 mini-festival photos


A Day of Poetry - October 2010 

Saturday October 30, 2010
11.00 - 13.30

Red Room (STRINDBERGRUMMET), Berns Salonger

Among the poets, who will read from their work are
Per Wästberg,  Gunnar Harding,  Elisabeth Hjorth,
Malte Persson, Ida Linde, Petter Lindgren, Regina Derieva,
and Dipak Mazumdar.
Similar events simultaneously will take place in cultural cafés
of Paris, Athens and Nicosia, and together with one
in Stockholm will be connected by satellite 
operator Hellas Sat.
Helas Sat website:


Crossing Borders, Connecting Cultures
International Poetry Festival
Sunday May 16, 2010
14.00 – 17.00
The Mediterranean Museum

The event has streamed live from the Mediterranean
Museum and may still be possible to watch at:

The project Triptych: Poetry – identity – Coexistence is partly funded by 
the  European Culture Programme 2007 – 2013. It is a series of events with
poetry as its core discipline supported by other forms of art such as music, 
dance, painting, acting, etc, organised in 2009 – 2010. The events will take / 
have taken place in Nicosia, Paris, Stockholm, and Athens. The leaders of the
project are Ideogramma and Atlantis Productions from Cyprus and the
co-organisers, Ars Interpres (Sweden) and Biennale International de Poètes
en Val-de-Marne (France).

Among those participating in our festival this time are:

Poets from Cyprus:
Giorgos Christodoulides, Nasa Patapiou, Charalambos Papaonisiforou, 
Zelia Gregoriou, Mona Savvidou - Theodoulou, Lily Michaelides,
Jenan Selcuk, Stephanos Stephanides, Nora Nadjarian, Panos Ioannides.
Composer and musician Costas Cacoyiannis.

The Ars Interpres Authors:
Tomas Tranströmer, Anni Sumari, Marie Lundquist,
Alexei Purin, Håkan Sandell, Juris Kronbergs, Peter Curman, 
Paddy Bushe, Petter Lindgren, and Ulrikka Gernes.
Pianist Lucia Negro

Sunday May 16, 2010
14.00 – 17.00
Mediterranean Museum 


The Ars Interpres Poetry Festival brings poets from around
the world to Stockholm, Sweden for a program of public literary 
readings and talks that take place over the course of several days in
autumn. The events celebrate the publication of Ars Interpres, the
international journal of poetry in English translation and English
language poetry, as well the launching of new books in the bilingual,
trilingual and English language series of Ars Interpres Publications.
Audiences have the opportunity to hear poems read in the poet’s 
own voice.

Among the internationally acclaimed poets who have participated
in past Ars Interpres festivals are Les Murray, Gunnar Harding,
Aleksandr Kushner, Ewa Lipska, Tomas Venclova, 
Daniel Weissbort and Per Wästberg. The festival, sponsored by the
Swedish Academy, the Swedish Institute, Ports of Stockholm,
Kulturrådet, Polska Institutet among other organizations and
companies, was first held in 2004.

According to editor Alexander Deriev, the principal mission of the 
magazine and poetry festival is to “offer the best of poetry and 
translation in a very special, high-quality format to its immense
audience.” Live readings by the poets themselves, Deriev continues, 
“remain something special. The spoken word allows us to see
the poet’s world from within, and to experience the poet's
own sense of his or her work.”

Ars Interpres Poery Festival
October 4 - 6, 2007

The third Ars Interpres poetry festival will take place in Stockholm 
from 4-6 October 2007. The festival brings together many poets 
from Sweden,  Singapore and other countries for a series of literary
events at several venues around the city. 

The poets, who will read from their work, give talks and launch new 
issue of Ars Interpres journal, include Toh Hsien Min, Tim Liardet
Heng Siok Tian, Yeow Kai Chai, Yong Shu Hoong, Petter Lindgren,
Lasse Söderberg, Ulrikka S. Gernes, Aris Fioretos, and Mario Susko. 

Les Murray: Poetry Reading in Stockholm

Time: May 20, 2007, 19.15

Place: Stora salen, S:ta Eugenia Katolska Församling, 
Kungsträdgårdsgatan 12.

Les Murray, an internationally acclaimed Australian poet,  will read 
from his new book, "The Biplane Houses," just released by Carcanet.

Les Murray is one of the greatest contemporary poets writing in English.
His work has been published in ten languages. 

Les Murray has won many literary awards, including the Grace Leven 
Prize (1980 and 1990), the Petrarch Prize (1995), and the prestigious 
TS Eliot Award (1996). In 1999 he was awarded the Queens Gold
Medal for Poetry on the recommendation of Ted Hughes 

Ars Interpres Poery Festival
October 5 - 9, 2006

2006 Reading Schedule

Thursday, October 5: 
 6:00 pm 
Giannina Braschi and Tess O’Dwyer give a talk and reading at the Spanish department of Stockholm University
 7:00 pm 
Ewa Lipska launches her bilingual book of poetry, The Holy Order of Tourists, at the Polish Institute. 
Book launch hosted by  Ryszard Reisner

Friday, October 6: 
 6:30 - 9.30 pm 
/MAIN READING/ Most of participants 
in the festival read at the Kulturhuset. 
Fiona Sampson, John Kinsella, Giannina Braschi, Tess O’Dwyer,
Per Wästberg, Augustus Young, Ewa Lipska, Aleksandr Kushner, 
Elena Ushakova, Alan Shaw, Gunnar Harding, Tomas Venclova, 
Leonard Schwartz,  Darius Pacak, Ryszard Reisner, Ilya Bernstein,
Håkan Sandell, Hildred Crill
Reading hosted by Hildred Crill

Saturday, October 7: 
  1:00 pm 
Reading aboard the ship ‘Constantia’.
Huvudsta strand, Solna
Daniel Weissbort , Fiona Sampson, Giannina Braschi, Tess O’Dwyer,
Tomas Venclova, Håkan Sandell, Ilya Bernstein, Hildred Crill

  2.30 pm 
Giannina Braschi, Gunnar Harding, Fiona Sampson, 
Leonard Schwartz,  and Håkan Sandell read 
at the Svenskt Tenn

  4.00 pm 
Tomas Venclova, Aleksandr Kushner, Regina Derieva, 
Ilya Bernstein, and Elena Ushakova read at S:ta Eugenia 
(Kungsträdgårdsgatan 12)

  5:00 pm 
Reading aboard the ship ‘Constantia’. 
The Evert Taube’s terrace near the Town Hall 
Augustus Young, Ewa Lipska, Alan Shaw, 
Juris Kronbergs, Ryszard Reisner, Jim Potts, 
Darius Pacak, Karl-Erik Tallmo 

Sunday, October 8: 
 12:30 pm 
Ewa Lipska, Dariusz Pacak, John Kinsella, 
Jim Potts, and Daniel Weissbort launch their bilingual 
books of poetry at the Medelhavsmuseet 
(Mediterranean Museum)

Monday, October 9: 
 11:00 am John Kinsella give a talk and reading 
at the English Department of Stockholm 

We are grateful to the Swedish Academy for their past 
and continued support of our events.

Intersecting Senses

The vernissage of Arcady Kotler's instalation Intersecting Senses
took place in the head office of the Ports of Stockholm
on Thursday, January 19th 2006

At the Point of Crossing

(left to right)   Juris Kronbergs, Hildred Crill, Daniel Weissbort, 
Johann Hjalmarsson, Bengt Jangfeldt, Andrey Gritsman, Gleb Shulpyakov,
Valentina Polukhina, Les Murray at the poetry reading 
“Poetiska Skärningspunkter” (At the Point of Crossing) 
in the Nordic Museum (Stockholm, October 2004). 
Photographer: Petra Isaksson

Les Murray

Aris Fioretos

Gleb Shulpyakov and Hildred Crill

Daniel Weissbort and Regina Derieva



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