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Ars Interpres presents a collection of video clips from
John Kinsella’s introductory comments and reading
recorded in Australia for the 2nd Ars Interpres Festival.
The full-length version is distributed together with the
new Ars Interpres trilingual edition of John Kinsella’s
America or Glow. These DVDs are available now.

The biennial Ars Interpres Poetry Festival brings poets from around
the world to Stockholm, Sweden for a program of public literary 
readings and talks that take place over the course of several days in
autumn. The events celebrate the publication of Ars Interpres, the
international journal of poetry in English translation and English
language poetry, as well the launching of new books in the bilingual,
trilingual and English language series of Ars Interpres Publications.
Audiences have the opportunity to hear poems read in the poet’s 
own voice.
Among the internationally acclaimed poets who have participated
in past Ars Interpres festivals are Aris Frioretos, Les Murray,
Gunnar Harding, Aleksandr Kushner, Ewa Lipska, Tomas Venclova,
Daniel Weissbort and Per Wästberg. The festival, sponsored by the
Swedish Academy, the Swedish Institute, Ports of Stockholm,
Kulturrådet, Polska Institutet among other organizations and
companies, was first held in 2004.



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