No. 4 & 5


Editors Notes  

     This double issue of the Ars Interpres is dedicated to the two, at first glance, different themesgeography and religion.  However, there is much in common between them.  For instance, both have sufficiently many blank spots.  Even if everything was already discovered a long time ago, every person, especially a poet, finds something so unexplored or forgotten that it needs to be discovered again.  For many, God and His Kingdom have become blank spots.  That is how the main idea of this issue, Two Skies, has sprung up.  It is an attempt to collect the host of examples of the visible and invisible heavens.

     Religion has all the same things as geography; i.e. deserts where man meets God, mountains where the prophets receive instructions, seas that part to save the persecuted, infinite multitude of roads which
people take to or away from God.  There is no doubt that MOVEMENT connects the themes of religion and geography.  And if Osip Mandelstam, a poet whose newly translated poems we publish in this issue, could not move freely within the limited geography of
Stalinist Russia, nothing could restrict him in his progress toward
the heaven.  Thus, the poet gained internal freedom and ascended
above his own fate.

     A well-versed reader does not have need of memory.  He can simply list everything he ever read in his life.  Frequently, this list is
his biography, geography, and religion.  But because the reader, just
like the poet, is primarily directed toward the process of comprehension rather than its result, let us wish him every success
reading the new issue of our journal.

A. D.


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