No. 4 & 5


Lars Palm  

From On Stealing Lips


run across the creek.
sparkling side.
five minutes later.
the sentence drips.
to get carried away.
supplies are short.
to build a hill.
if not her.
to stand on the top.
mention the war.
with patience.


stuck a pin into the cushion.
imitation of a foghorn.
or Italian dress.
this way for several seconds.
was meaner than last week.
semblance of another hill.
different once again.


prostrates before the keyboard.
of the hopeless Danish cheese.
printed by hand & bound for elsewhere.
return to the head of Dylan Thomas.
shapes or passengers.
some say as opposed to content.
the first letter.
vision & construction, but never conquista.
what you’re said to have done.


way to jay-walkers.
proceeds to the next town.
been remodelled.
skews all rhythm.
took on the black bag in the corner.
in at an amazing three stone.
probably poses as a gift.
all & sundry.
returned later that evening.


follows early morning gore.
suburban streets.
later & later yet.
in grinning skin.
may yet cause confusion.
a pint.
anthropologists proliferate.
promising to be long & hot.



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