No. 4 & 5


Michael Lermontov  

Translated from the Russian by warious hands  


The Prayer

For moments when life is hard,
when the soul grows sad and dark:
I keep one wonderful prayer
that I have learned by heart.

There are abundant powers
In the concord of living words
And a holy charm inspires
Even what's not understood.

My soul shakes off its cares
My burdens fall away —
Doubt cedes to faith, and tears
Fall easily, easily...

Translated from the Russian by J. Kates

Walk Out Alone Onto The Road

Walk out alone onto the road;
Through fog a siliceous path glitters,
Night quiet.  Desert heeds god,
And star with star converses.

Within the skies festivity and wonder!
Sleeps earth in light light blue…
Why for me so painful and so difficult?
Waiting for something? Regretting something else?

Not like I expect anything from life,
And have not one regret about the past;
I search for freedom and peacefulness!
I’d have liked to lose myself and sleep!

But not with that a cold dream of grave…
I’d have wished to fall asleep eternally,
So that within the chest slept life of force,
So that, while breathing, chest rose quietly;

Entire night, entire day my hearing coddled,
About love my sweet voice sang,
So that above me a forever greening,
Dark oak bowed and fussed.

Translated from the Russian by Julia Istomina 



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