No. 4 & 5


Paul Quenon  

The Ninth Hour

Before the day had run its course,
the sun began to fail in force,
the silent stars began to weep,
a tremor shook the hidden deep.
Above the darkened earth was raised
the Son, whose arms like wings were poised.
Who then, as on the first of days,
breathed forth his Spirit on the void.
And lo, within the heart of earth
a new creation came to birth,
one formed in grace to make us free,
as children of the Trinity.
The Third Hour

The sun now risen in the East
ascends again to Paradise,
and there prepares the Spiritís feast,
who bears the seed to divinize.
He comes a torrent of desire,
descending to the heart of earth.
And there begets a mystic fire
to bring a holy race to birth.
Now yield to him your inmost heart,
that He his promised plan fulfill,
to bear us up on sober joy,
to join the marriage of the Lamb.



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