Ars Interpres 
  Poetry Festival 
 October 5 - 9



Ars Interpres promotes literary excellence by connecting
poets from Scandinavia and around the World.

2004 Festival photos

Aris Frioretos

Les Murray

Gleb Shylpyakov and Hildred Crill

Juris Kronbergs

Johann Hjalmarsson 

Andrey Gritsman


Daniel Weissbort and Regina Derieva ____________________ Hildred Crill

(left to right)   Juris Kronbergs, Hildred Crill, Daniel Weissbort, 
Johann Hjalmarsson, Bengt Jangfeldt, Andrey Gritsman, Gleb Shulpyakov,
Valentina Polukhina, Les Murray at the poetry reading 
“Poetiska Skärningspunkter” (At the Point of Crossing) 
in the Nordic Museum (Stockholm, October 2004). 
Photographer: Petra Isaksson

2006 Festival photos

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Alexander Deriev


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