Ars Interpres 
  Poetry Festival 
 October 5 - 9



Ars Interpres promotes literary excellence by connecting
poets from Scandinavia and around the World.

2006 Festival photos

Per Wästberg

Tess O'Dwyer and Giannina Braschi

 Tomas Venclova and Leonard Schwartz

 Tomas Venclova and Håkan Sandell

Fiona Sampson

Augustus Young

Aleksandr Kushner and  Ilya Bernstein

Elena Ushakova and Daniel Weissbort

Ewa Lipska and Ryszard Reisner

Leonard Schwartz

Håkan Sandell

Ilya Bernstein

Fiona Sampson

Gunnar Harding

Daniel Weissbort

Augustus Young

Ryszard Reisner and Dariusz Pacak

Jim Potts and Hildred Crill

Ryszard Reisner and Dariusz Pacak

2004 Festival photos

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Alexander Deriev


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