Cassis (Cassis) cornuta
Cassis (Cassis) flammea
Cassis (Cassis) madagascariensis
Cassis (Cassis) madagascariensis spinella
Cassis (Cassis) norai
Cassis (Cassis) tuberosa
Cassis (Cassis) tuberosa delta 
Cassis (Hypocassis) abbotti
Cassis (Hypocassis) fimbriata
Cassis (Hypocassis) bicarinata
Cassis (Hypocassis) kreipli
Cassis (Hypocassis) nana
Cassis (Hypocassis) patamakanthini
Cassis (Hypocassis) tessellata

Cypraecassis (Cypraecassis) rufa
Cypraecassis (Cypraecassis) tenuis
Cypraecassis (Cypraecassis) testiculus testiculus
Cypraecassis (Cypraecassis) testiculus senegalica
Cypraecassis (Cypraecassis) testiculus senegalica crumena
Cypraecassis (Cypraecassis) wilmae
Cypraecassis (Levenia) coarctata

Galeodea (Galeodea) bituminata
Galeodea (Galeodea) echinophorella
Galeodea (Galeodea) echinophora
Galeodea (Galeodea) echinophora adriatica
Galeodea (Galeodea) echinophora globosa
Galeodea (Galeodea) echinophora mutica
Galeodea (Galeodea) echinophora obsoleta
Galeodea (Galeodea) echinophora solida
Galeodea (Galeodea) echinophora subnodulosa
Galeodea (Galeodea) ferrarioi
Galeodea (Galeodea) hoaraui
Galeodea (Galeodea) keyteri
Galeodea (Galeodea) maccamleyi
Galeodea (Galeodea) marginalba Galeodea (Galeodea) rugosa
Galeodea (Galeodea) thyrena
Galeodea (Galeodea) triganceae
Galeodea (Galeoocorys) leucodoma
Galeodea (Galeoocorys) nipponica

Sconsia alexarthuri
Sconsia grayi
Sconsia striata
Sconsia lindae
Sconsia nephele

Phalium areola
Phalium areola magnita
Phalium bandatum bandatum
Phalium bandatum exaratum
Phalium decussatum
Phalium decussatum flammeola
Phalium evdoxiae
Phalium fimbria
Phalium flammiferum
Phalium glaucum
Phalium muangmani
Phalium pseudobandatum

Echinophoria bituberculosa
Echinophoria carnosa
Echinophoria coronadoi
Echinophoria intermedia
Echinophoria mozambicana
Echinophoria oschei
Echinophoria pilsbryi
Echinophoria wyvillei
Echinophoria wyvillei kurodai
Echinophoria galeodiformis
Echinophoria wyvillei oschei

Casmaria atlantica
Casmaria beui
Casmaria boblehmani
Casmaria cernica
Casmaria ponderosa nipponensis
Casmaria decipiens
Casmaria erinaceus
Casmaria erinaceus vibex
Casmaria erinaceus vibexmexicana
Casmaria kalosmodix
Casmaria kayae
Casmaria perryi
Casmaria ponderosa
Casmaria ponderosa bicolor
Casmaria ponderosa nodulosa
Casmaria ponderosa quadrata
Casmaria turgida
Casmaria unicolor 

Semicassis (Semicassis) angasi 
Semicassis (Semicassis) bisulcata
Semicassis (Semicassis) bisulcata booleyi
Semicassis (Semicassis) bisulcata diuturna
Semicassis (Semicassis) bisulcata japonica
Semicassis (Semicassis) bisulcata persimilis
Semicassis (Semicassis) bisulcata pila
Semicassis (Semicassis) bondarevi
Semicassis (Semicassis) vector
Semicassis (Semicassis) bulla bulla
Semicassis (Semicassis) bulla bulla obscura
Semicassis (Semicassis) bulla fernandesi
Semicassis (Semicassis) canaliculata
Semicassis (Semicassis) cancellata
Semicassis (Semicassis) craticulata
Semicassis (Semicassis) dorae
Semicassis (Semicassis) dougthorni 
Semicassis (Semicassis) faurotis
Semicassis (Semicassis) glabrata
Semicassis (Semicassis) granulata granulata
Semicassis (Semicassis) granulata granulata cicatricosa
Semicassis (Semicassis) granulata granulata peristephes
Semicassis (Semicassis) granulata centiquadrata
Semicassis (Semicassis) granulata undulata
Semicassis (Semicassis) inornata inornata
Semicassis (Semicassis) inornata debiae
Semicassis (Semicassis) labiata labiata
Semicassis (Semicassis) labiata labiata collactea
Semicassis (Semicassis) labiata labiata insperata
Semicassis (Semicassis) labiata iheringi
Semicassis (Semicassis) labiata zeylanica
Semicassis (Semicassis) labiata zeylanica iredalei
Semicassis (Semicassis) microstoma
Semicassis (Semicassis) pauciruge
Semicassis (Semicassis) pyrum
Semicassis (Semicassis) pyrum hamiltoni
Semicassis (Semicassis) pyrum hedleyi
Semicassis (Semicassis) pyrum niveum
Semicassis (Semicassis) pyrum stadiale
Semicassis (Semicassis) royana
Semicassis (Semicassis) saburon
Semicassis (Semicassis) salmonea
Semicassis (Semicassis) sophia
Semicassis (Semicassis) thachi
Semicassis (Semicassis) thomsoni
Semicassis (Semicassis) umbilicata
Semicassis (Semicassis) westralis
Semicassis (Semicassis) whitworthi
Semicassis (Antephalium) semigranosum
Semicassis (Antephalium) adcocki 
Semicassis (Antephalium) semigranosum
Semicassis (Antephalium) sinuosum 


Cassis Cassis cornuta
34 mm, F+++G Smallest!
Pangyan Island. By hookah diving at 10-40 m.

Cassis Cassis cornuta
107.58 mm, F+++G Grea Freak!

Cassis Cassis flammea
25 mm, F++/F+++ Smallest!
Nassau, Bahamas.

Cassis Cassis flammea
95 mm, GEM! WO

Cassis Cassis madagascariensis spinella
78 mm, F+++G Great color & pattern!
Port Canaveral.

Cassis Cassis norai
95 mm, F+++/G Uncommon!
Cape Verde.

Cassis Cassis tuberosa
84.2 mm, GEM! W/O
Barra of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Dived on coral sand at 20 m.

Cassis Hypocassis nana
55.33 mm, F++/F+++  Chip in canal and outer lips. Nice color! 
Great Barrier Reef, Australia. 
29.00 € 

Cassis Hypocassis fimbriata
77 mm, F+++/Great pattern! W/O
Edithburgh, Soth Australia. Found on sand flat at low tide.

Cassis Hypocassis fimbriata
92 mm, F++/Big & Great pattern! 
Off Albany, West Australia 
19.00 €

Cassis Hypocassis tesselata f. nana
39 mm, Gem! W/O
Guinea Bissau.

Cypraecassis coarctata
54 mm, F+++/Great color!
Sonora, Mexico.

Cypraecassis rufa
137 mm, F+++/Very dark & awesome pattern!
Nonoc Island. Hookah diving at 2-15 m. From local fisherman.

Cypraecassis testiculus senegalica crumena
45 mm, F+++/Great color & pattern!

Cypraecassis testiculus testiculus
54 mm, F+++/Great pattern! 
San Blas Pt., Panama.

Cypraecassis testiculus testiculus
63mm, F+++/Great pattern! 
San Blas Pt., Panama.

Cypraecassis testiculus testiculus
58 mm, F++/Awesome color! 

Galeodea Galeodea bituminata
42.2, F+++/Great color!
East China Sea.
Tawled at 150 m on sand and gravel bottom.

Galeodea Galeodea echinophorella
38 mm, F++/F+++ Very strong knobs!

Galeodea Galeodea echinophorella suzumai
40.2 mm, F+++/Great color!
East China Sea.

Galeodea Galeodea echinophora
50.71 mm, Gem/Great form!
Assos, Turkey, North Aegean Sea. On sand at 7m. September, 2011.

Galeodea Galeodea echinophora adriatica
40 mm, F+++/G Great dwarf!

Galeodea Galeodea keyteri
60 mm, F+++/Grea color!
Tulear, Madagascar.

Galeodea Galeodea rugosa
75 mm, F+++/Great cream specimen!

Galeodea Galeoocorys leucodoma
54.83 mm, F++/Great color!
South China Sea.

Sconsia grayi
54.5 mm, F+++G Great pattern!
Gulf of Mexico. Trawed deep water.

Sconsia lindae
51.6 mm, Gem!  Great attern!
Gulf of Morrosquillo, Colombia. Trawled at 80 m.

Sconsia striata
36 mm, F++/F+++ Great rusty!
Off Port Isabel, Padre Island, South Texas.


Casmaria atlantica
19 mm, F++/F+++ Rare!
Bay of Portobello, Panama, Caribbean.

Casmaria boblehmani

Casmaria cernica
51.5 mm, F+++/Big & great pattern!

Casmaria erinaceus
62.51 mm, F+++/G Rare dark & violet canal!
Masbare Island.

Casmaria erinaceus
59.14 - 66.2 mm, F+++/G
Masbate Island. Trawled by local fishermen. June, 2012.

Casmaria erinaceus cf.
73.41 mm

Casmaria erinaceus vibex
61.61 mm

Casmaria kayae

Casmaria perryi cf.
41.3 mm, F+++/Great pattern!
New Zealand.

Casmaria ponderosa ( dark orange lip) 
45.71mm, F+++/Great color form! 
Bohol Island. From local fisherman. 
19.00 €

Phalium areola 
39.49 mm, F+++/G Exceptional pattern & color! W/O 
Negros Island, Ph.. From local fishermen. 
29.00 € 

Phalium areola magnita 
80 mm, F++/Big & Awesome! W/O 
Pandanon Island. Hookah diving, 2-15 m. From local fisherman. 
29.00 €

Semicassis angasi
36 mm, F++/F+++ Uncommon!
Trawled from 40 ft. off Queensland, South Australia.

Semicassis semigranosa
49.2 mm

Semicassis Semicassis canaliculata
42 mm, F+++/Great pattern! W/O
Tuticorin, India
9.00 €

Semicassis granulata
73.5mm, F++/Great!
Gulf of Mexico, Florida. Dredge in
90 feet, Southwest of Ft. Myers
10.00 €

Semicassis granulata
74.5mm, F++/Great!
Gulf of Mexico, Florida. Dredge in
90 feet, Southwest of Ft. Myers
10.00 €

Semicassis Semicassis inornata sp.
72.2 mm F++/F+++ Superb form & pattern!
East China Sea. Trawled from East China Sea in about 200m deep.
15.00 €

Semicassis Semicassis labiata iheringi 
57 mm, F++/Awesome! Great pattern & color! W/O
Off Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
24.00 €

Semicassis Semicassis labiata iredalei
43 mm, F++/F+++ Great pattern!
East London S. Africa. Scuba live at 5 m.
12.00 €

Semicassis Semicassis thachi
33 mm, F++/F+++ RARE!
Sogod, Cebu
Taken by tangle net in 150 m deep
15.00 €

Semicassis thomsoni
47.8 mm, F++/F+++
S.W. off Newcastle, Australia.

Semicassis umbilicata
70.7 mm, F++F+++ Large!
119.00 €

More shells are coming!

Semicassis Semicassis dougthorni
59 mm, F+++/RARE! W/O
Off Sandy Cape, Queensland. Trawled.  SOLD!

40.5 mm, F++/F+++ Great form. W/O
Durban, Natal. SOLD!

Sconsia nephele
41 mm, F++/Superb RARE!
Trawled deep water, Gulf of Mexico. SOLD!

Sconsia striata 
46 mm, F++/Awesome!
Trawled deep water, Gulf of Mexico. SOLD!

Casmaria ponderosa
42.01 mm, F+++/Unusual thick lip!
Negros Island.  SOLD!

Cassis cornuta
171 mm, F++/F+++ Frap spine. Awesome form! Thin sides, some chip.
Surigao Island. Hookah diving, 2-15m, from local fisherman. SOLD!

Phalium bandatum exaratum
36.6 mm, F++/F+++ Very RARE Freak! Mascareign Islands. SOLD!

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