1 December 2017
We are very happy to announce a new collaboration with
MERIDIAN - POLTAVA International Literature Festival (Ukraine).
The festival will take place in Poltava from 2018-06-08 to 2018-06-10.

7 October 2015

Återkomst - Return
Saturday November 7, 2015
14.00 - 15.30
Sunday November 8, 2015
13.30 - 15.00

It is almost five years since Ars interpres  (both the journal and the festival) 
ceased its activities.  However, two new titles have been published recently, 
and this coming November an extra event with several Ars interpres authors 
will take place at Stockholm's Kulturhuset Stadsteratern (Biblioteket Plattan)
and S:ta Eugenia.  This will be a sort of two days mini-festival with a potential 
for injecting new life into the whole Ars interpres enterprise.  Participants 
will include Kjell Espmark, Mariela Griffor, Dipak Mazumdar, Lars Palm and 
Anna Alexandra Maria Brodsky.

Mariela Griffor, poet and publisher active in the USA, and the Swedish-
Bengali poet Dipak Mazumdar will present their books that were published 
recently by Ars interpres. Kjell Espmark, a member of the Swedish Academy,
will read several poems from his latest book published in the US by Mariela 
Griffor. Moreover, the Malmö poet, Lars Palm, and the daughter of the late 
Joseph Brodsky, Anna Sozzani-Brodsky, will discuss certain political and 
environmental issues, and will also read from their work.  The title of the 
mini-festival and its significance as viewed by the participants, will be 
explored during the event. 

Nov. 7 at 14.00 / Hosted by Bibliotek Plattan
Kulturhuset Sergels torg, 103 27 Stockholm, Sweden

A second reading, with Mariela Griffor and the chairman of the Nobel
committee Per Wästberg, will take place the day after at the main hall 
of S:ta Eugenia catholic church.

Nov. 8 at 13.30 / Hosted by Katolskt Forum
Kungsträdgårdsgatan 12, 111 47

30 October, 2010

A Day of Poetry
Saturday October 30, 2010
10.30 - 13.30

Red Room (STRINDBERGRUMMET), Berns Salonger

Among the poets, who will read from their work are Per Wästberg,  Gunnar 
Harding,  Elisabeth Hjorth, Malte Persson, Petter Lindgren, and Regina 
Similar events simultaneously will take place in cultural cafés of Paris, 
Athens and Nicosia, and together with one in Stockholm will be connected by 
satellite operator Hellas Sat.

16 May, 2010

Crossing Borders, Connecting Cultures
International Poetry Festival
Sunday May 16, 2010
14.00 – 17.00
The Mediterranean Museum

The event will be streamed live from the Mediterranean 
Museum at: http://www.kvickstream.se/asx/mm01.asx

19 October, 2008

Ars Interpres announces the publication of Ortsbestämning (Determination 
of Place), which includes 18 poems from Tillbaka i tid (Back in Time), 
selected poems spanning 1950-2004 by the Swedish poet Per Wästberg. 
The book is a trilingual edition with the original Swedish poems, an English 
translation by Hildred Crill and a Russian translation by Regina Derieva and 
Alexei Prokopiev.
It is now available from the publisher, Ars Interpres Publications
We are very pleased to announce that our book will be launched on 
Wednesday, November 5 at S:t Eugenia's Catholic parish situated at 
Kungsträdgården 12.

29 October, 2007

  Radio Sweden 2007-10-29
Listen to Bill Schiller's Report from the 3rd Ars Interpres Festival

6 August, 2007

The authors from Scandinavian countries as well as very well known 
writers from all over the world participate in the Ars Interpres: International
Journal of Poetry, Translation, and Art and participate in the series of 
literary readings, and art exhibitions, which will take place in Stockholm 
from 2007-10-04 to 2007-10-06. Among them are Toh Hsien Min, Tim 
Liardet, Ulrikka Gernes, Lasse Söderberg, Mario Susko, and Aris Fioretos. 
Such participation level facilitates the development of cultural relations 
between the countries of Scandinavia and the rest of the world. 

25 May, 2007

"Svenska Dagbladet" and "Dagens Nyheter" interviews LES MURRAY

                                                                                    Photo by Tomas Oneborg

20 May, 2007

Les Murray: Poetry Reading in Stockholm

Time: May 20, 2007, 19.15
Place: Stora salen, S:ta Eugenia Katolska Församling, 
                                                    Kungsträdgårdsgatan 12.

Les Murray, an internationally acclaimed Australian poet,  will read from 
his new book, "The Biplane Houses," just released by Carcanet.
Les Murray is one of the greatest contemporary poets writing in English. 
His work has been published in ten languages. 
Les Murray has won many literary awards, including the Grace Leven Prize 
(1980 and 1990), the Petrarch Prize (1995), and the prestigious TS Eliot 
Award (1996). In 1999 he was awarded the Queens Gold Medal for Poetry on 
the recommendation of Ted Hughes 

14 August, 2006

International poetry festival to take place in Stockholm

The second Ars Interpres poetry festival will take place in Stockholm from 
5-9 October 2006. The festival brings together more than twenty poets from 
Sweden and nearly one dozen other countries for a series of literary events at 
several venues around the city. On the schedule is the chance to hear the fluid
words of live poetry aboard the ship Constantia.

The poets, who will read from their work, give talks and launch new bilingual 
collections of poetry, include John Kinsella, Ewa Lipska, Gunnar Harding, 
Aleksandr Kushner and Giannina Braschi. In addition to the readings on board, 
events will be happening at Kulturhuset, Svensk Tenn, Svensk Form, Polska 
Institutet, Stockholm University and other places in the city. All are free and 
open to the public. Sponsors of this year’s festival are the Swedish Academy, 
the Swedish Institute, Ports of Stockholm, Kulturrådet and Polska Institutet.

Ars Interpres Publications produces an annual journal as well as bilingual 
and trilingual books of poetry and organizes art exhibitions in addition to 
public readings. The first Ars Interpres festival took place in October 2004. 
It featured poets from around the world including award-winning writers Les 
Murray and Aris Fioretos. 

According to editor Alexander Deriev, the principal mission of the magazine 
and poetry festival is to “offer the best of poetry and translation in a very 
special, high-quality format to its immense audience.” Live readings by the 
poets themselves, Deriev continues, “remain something special. The spoken 
word allows us to see the poet’s world from within, and to experience the poet's
own sense of his or her work.”

The full schedule of events of the 2006 festival appears below as well as on 
the Ars Interpres website ( http://www.arsint.com/festival.html ), where short 
biographies and photos of the participants are also available.

Contact: Alexander Deriev
Address: Tingvallavägen 7B 2TR, 19531 Märsta, SWEDEN
Telephone:  +46-8-59113267
Email:  deriev@arsint.com
URL: http://www.arsint.com

31 May
Jim Potts will launch his new book CORFU BLUES at the Medelhavsmuseet
(The Museum of Mediterranean) on Wednesday 31 May 
Fri Entré!  Förhandsbokning tel 08-519 553 80, eller e-post: bokning@medelhavsmuseet.se
6 May
A review of ARS INTERPRES appeared in the NYArts Magazine
May/June 2006, Vol. 11, No.5/6

25 April
The 2nd Ars Interpres Reading Series will take place in Stockholm at the
beginning of October 2006. Among those reading from their works will be 
Gunnar Harding, Fiona Sampson, Per Wästberg, Zhang Er, Alan Shaw, 
John Kinsella, Aleksandr Kushner, Håkan Sandell, Giannina Braschi,
Tess O'Dwyer, Ilya Bernstein, Tomas Venclova, and Ewa Lipska.
We are grateful to the Swedish Academy for their past and continued support
of our events.

23 April
DET ANDLIGA RUMMET exhibition with participation of two Ars Interpres
contributors (Michael Zansky and Arcady Kotler)  will take place at the 
Duration: 29 april - 4 juni 

4 December
Ars Interpres Publications and Gallery Infra 
PRESENTS the exhibition of American Contemporary Art 
Duration: 2006. 01. 21 -- 2006. 02. 04

see details >>>>>>>>>>

1 November, 2005
Our  new Summer/Autumn 2005 double issue is now available.
Please read the Editor’s Notes
New poems by Fiona Sampson, John Kinsella, Gennady Aygi, Mark DeCarteret.
Plus Daniel Weissbort with a collection of Hasidic Sayings, interviews
with Les Murray and Seamus Heaney, new translations of Swedish, Russian,
Chinese, Argentinian, German, Dutch and Polish poetry.

11 August, 2005
A review of ARS INTERPRES No. 3 appeared in the Literary Magazine Review
Vol. 23, No. 1&2 Spring/Summer 2005

12 October, 2004
A series of literary readings entitled AT THE POINT OF CROSSING will take
place on October 29th and 30th, 2004, in Stockholm. Featuring the legendary
Australian poet Les Murray, Johann Hjalmarsson, Daniel Weissbort, Gleb 
Shulpyakov, Fred Johnston, Regina Derieva, Juris Kronbergs, Andrey 
Gritsman, Aris Fioretos, Lars-Håkan Svensson, Hildred Crill.  Each poet will 
read his or her poems in the original language. An English translation will 
follow each poem not written in English.

     Friday, October 29th in the Magasin 2, Frihamnen at 4.00 pm
     Friday, October 29th in the Kulturhuset (Läsesalongen, vån 2) at 7.00 pm
     Saturday, October 30th in the Nordiska Museet at 1.00 pm 


The reading is open to the public, and there is no fee for admission.
The event organized by the ARS INTERPRES PUBLICATIONS and 
supported by the SWEDISH ACADEMY, the SWEDISH INSTITUTE and 
the Ports of Stockholm Group. 

9 February, 2004
A reading-presentation of the first issue of our journal takes place at 
Cornelia Street Cafe as part of the INTERCULTURAL POETRY SERIES. 

The Cornelia Street Cafe www.corneliastreetcafe.com
29 Cornelia Street
$6 gets you a free drink
Subway: A/C/E/F to West 4th or 1/9 to Christopher
3 January, 2004
The first review of our journal has appeared in Svenska Dagbladet 

 20 December, 2003
Our Winter 2003 issue is now available!!!
This issue features poetry by Les Murray, Osip Mandelstam, Eamon Grennan,
Jesper Svenbro, Salvatore Quasimodo, Nikolai Zabolotsky, Annie Finch, 
and others; essays by Daniel Weissbort, John Kinsella, Valentina Polukhina,
Aris Fioretos, Craig Czury, and others; photography and art by Petra 
Creffield, Jurek Holzer, Sergey Kalmykov and others.



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