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Issue: 2
(September 2004) 218 pages
SEK 220
Euro 20.00

ISBN 91-7910-602-1

Tomas Venclova

Eight Poems

Boris Pasternak

My Sister, Life

Pia Tafdrup

Four Poems

Anna Akhmatova

Nine Poems

Les Murray

On the Central Coast Line
Through the Lattice Door

Daniel Weissbort 

Four Poems

Regina Derieva

Three Poems

Augustus Young

Literary Youths 
Image and Likeness  and Three Other Short Stories

Roger Greenwald

The Voice and Other Poems

Andrey Gritsman 

Five Poems

Johann Hjalmarsson

Five Poems

Louise Labé

Two Sonnets

Christophe Brunski

From The Book Of Gentle Harm

Kathrine Varnes

Planting Season

Leonid Lerman

The Last Man

Fred Johnston

These Impersonal Days

David Kozubei


Michael Zansky

Giants and Dwarfs

Carmen Firan

Four Poems

Bradley Rubenstein

Affinity for Surfing


Seamus Heaney in conversation 
with Grigory Kruzhkov


Gunnar Harding

Three poems

Graterford Prison Poem Fusion

Nothing Echoing Nothing
Cell Eighty One

Jean-Pierre Rosnay

Four Poems

Marie Lundquist

Astrakan Apples 
A Simple Account

Osip Mandelstam

Three Very Early Poems
The Unknown Soldier

Brian Louis Pearce

Maiden Tumble
Whitby Gulls
Temple, Rhoda

Marina Tsvetaeva

Five Poems

Alexandra Smith

Toward Poetics of Exile: 
Tsvetaeva’s Translation 
of Baudelaire’s Le Voyage

Tatiana Milovidova-Venclova

Beyond the Island, 
Beyond the Garden

Gerrit Achterberg


Gleb Shulpyakov

Five Poems

Juris Kronbergs

Six poems from Wolf One-Eye

Christopher Mattisson

Three Poems

Carol Moldaw

Matter and Spirit
Vapor Trail
Out of the West

Vera Pavlova

Collection of Short Poems

Lars-Håkan Svensson

Glare Ice
Group Photo in Snow Fall

Thyrza Nichols Goodeve

The Ear

Book Reviews

Small Town Incident
Numbers and Lies


Alexander Deriev 

Editorial Assistant:
Hildred Crill

Art Editor: 
Arcady Kotler 

Advisory Board:
Bengt Jangfeldt
Alan Shaw
Andrey Gritsman
Gleb Shulpyakov
Frederick Smock

Petra Isaksson 

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