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Issue: 3
(October 2004) 
184 pages
SEK 220
Euro 20.00

ISBN 91-7910-603-X

 A review of ARS INTERPRES from
Literary Magazine Review Vol. 23, 
No. 1&2 Spring/Summer 2005
Jenny Brantley, Editor

Augustus Young

The Nicotine Cat

Ruth Padel

Tiger's Blessing 
Creating the Tiger 
Tiger is Grandeur of Nature
Sighting the Tiger

John Kinsella

Third Pass
Wild Turkeys
Myths of the Wheatbelt  (essay)

Hildred Crill

Five Poems

Bertold Brecht

Cow  at  Cud
Encounter with the Ivory Guardians

Inge Pedersen

Room Service

Craig Chury

Landscape With Sparrows

Valentina Polukhina

The Poetís Meow

Vitaly Komar & Alex Melamid

Vitaly Komar in conversation 
with Arcady Kotler

Orik Reiback

Biedermann (A Dog Poem)

Irina Mashinski

Before Dawn
My Little Hamster, itís All Right

J. Kates

Cume an Spearwa
Like Bank Robbers, 
Monarch Butterflies
The Swang on Miacomet Pond

Valpuri Kylmänen


Nikolay Gumilyov

The Leopard

Arcady Kotler

Two Paintings

Jan Twardowski

Eight Poems

Dennis Creffield

Drawings from "On the Shore" Series

Fred Johnston

Sea Voyaging

Carol V. Davis

Pairing the Animals
The Black of Everything

Jurek Holzer

Two photographs

Stéphane Mallarmé

Little Air I 
Little Air II


Drawings from "Wild Beasts" series

Richard McKane

That Racoon
Four Deer
The Old Dog

Eugene Ostashevsky

Mr. Ed Revisited

Annie Finch

The Bass 
Gray Keepers 
Lady Bug

Ilya Bernstein

To a Cockroach

Regina Derieva

East Norwalk, CT

Daniel Weissbort 

Birthday Poem With Cats

Cynthia Hogue

The Seal Woman
What Is Given You
The Woman and the Serpent
She Forecast the Future

Zhang Er

From Seen, Unseen
Birdeye's View
Flying Fish

Pia Tafdrup

The Snake in the Tree

Frederick Smock

The Virtuous Horse

Rachel Loden

The Death of Checkers
Bride of Tricky D.
A Quaker Meeting in Yorba Linda

Alan Shaw

The Eagles of Oraibi

Abigail Gramig

Iguanas Falling From Trees

Antoni Albalat

Seven Poems

J. M. Calleja

Four Visual Poems

Laura López Fernández

Albalat and Callejaís Expressive
Typo-Graphic Performances

Leonard Schwartz

Ecstatic Persistence
The Eden Exhibit

Peggy Aylsworth

More Than Blue

Nathan A. Proctor-Johnson

Of Eagles and Circles
Interpreting Identity

Mercedes Lawry

After Hours
Sleep Disorder

Osip Mantelstam 

Hiding Myself in Myself like a Snake

Marilyn Nelson

Live Jazz, Franklin Park Zoo



Alexander Deriev 

Editorial Assistant:
Hildred Crill

Art Editor: 
Arcady Kotler 

Advisory Board:
Bengt Jangfeldt
Alan Shaw
Andrey Gritsman
Gleb Shulpyakov
Frederick Smock

Petra Isaksson 

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