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Issue: 1 
240 pages.
SEK 220
Euro 20.00

ISBN 91-7910-549-1 

A review of ARS INTERPRES from
Swedish Boook Review No. 2, 2004
Sarah Death, Editor

Les Murray

Post Mortem
The Muddy Trench

Andrey Gritsman

Poetic Translation
and Bilingual Poetry

Eamon Grennan 

A Voice 
Noises off

Four Italian Poets

Salvatore Quasimodo
Vincenzo Cardarelli
Giuseppe Ungaretti
Umberto Saba

Osip Mandelstam

Orioles Are in the Woods

Daniel Weissbort 

An Article on Translation of 
and by Joseph Brodsky

Frederick Smock 


Bengt Jangfeldt

Swedish Rooms 
(On Joseph Brodsky)

Vladimir Gandelsman

Three Poems

Petra Creffield

Photographs from
'American Dream' Series

Eugene Ostashevsky

Russian Poems

Rupert Loydell

Heatware [Scratching the Surface]
Waiting To Be Remembered
What We Have Done
Portrait Callery

Valery Chereshnya

To My Father's Memory

Jurek Holzer

Two Photographs

Richard McKane

Five Poems


Aleksandr Vvedensky
Daniil Kharms
Nikolai Zabolotsky
Nikolai Oleinikov

Dennis Creffield

"The Friend of Cathedrals 
and of Castles..."

Valentina Polukhina

Pleasing the Shadows
(Brodsky’s Debts to Pushkin and Dante)

John Matthias


Jesper Svenbro

Two Poems

Lars-Håkan Svensson

Towards a Poetics of Perception: 
A Note on Jesper Svenbro

Regina Derieva

Zima. Evterpa
The Cast-off Remnant of a Centaur

John Kinsella

Summer Lull
From The Heartlands

Aris Fioretos

Sang froid
Industry of Night

Gleb Shulpyakov

Five Poems

Veronique Lossky

Tsvetaeva Translating Tsvetaeva

Alexei Purin

There's No Dropping in on Paradise...

Annie Finch

Three Poems

Arcady Kotler & Elina Kotler

"…and will become simply a star"
Project of the monument 
to Joseph Brodsky

Craig Czury

On Poetry

Irina Mashinski

On the Poetry Reader

Wayne Chambliss

Seattle Postcards

Shirin Razavian

Three Poems

David Markish

The Parallel World of Sergey Kalmykov

Book & CD Reviews

Review of Rutha Rosen's Suddenly
Today We Can Dream by David Kozubei

Review of Andrei Sergeev's 
Stamp Album by Eugene Ostashevsky

In the Company of Russian Poets
by Natalia Rubinstein


Alexander Deriev 

Editorial Assistant:
Hildred Crill

Art Editor: 
Arcady Kotler 

Advisory Board:
Bengt Jangfeldt
Alan Shaw
Andrey Gritsman
Gleb Shulpyakov
Frederick Smock

Petra Isaksson 

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