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Issue: 6-7
Locks and Keys
(September 2006) 

336 pages
SEK 240
Euro 22.00

ISBN 91-975980-6-2 

No. 7   MUSIC  Editor’s Notes

Augustus Young

The Opera Chronicle

Lars Forssell

Sonnet [20]

NIkolai Zabolotsky


J. Kates

The Strings

Interview with 
             Diane di Prima

Not On The Road

Roger Greenwald

Five Poems

Regina Derieva

Two Poems

Lars Palm

the mating sounds 
       of socialist bards

Dawn Potter


Gleb Shulpyakov

      Quartet No. 13..."

Dmitrii Bavilsky

Fifteen Instances 
                  of Spring

Interview with 
        Alessandro Baricco

And Everything 
                     Else Is Jazz

Alan Shaw

Two Poems
Discordant Sisters

Ewa Lipsks


Daniel Weissbort

Five Poems

Per Wästberg


William Doreski

Five Poems

Kathrine Varnes

From The 24 Divisadero

Fiona Sampson

The Plunge

Osip Mandelshtam

V raznogolositse 
   devicheskogo khora . . .

Gunnar Harding

Three Poems

Marina Tsvetaeva

Three Poems

Sawako Nakayasu

Three Poems

Christopher Meredith

Two Poems

Ilya Bernstein

Two Poems

Bruce Smith

Music Thief

Vladislav Khodasevitch

There is Nothing Else... 

Tomas Ekström

Three Poems

Andrey Gritsman

Two Poems

Daniel Rothbart

Douglas Rosenberg’s 

John Kinsella

About Andrew Taylor

Andrzej Okinczyc


Fred Johnston

Shearing the Roots

Jurek Holzer

Sex Pistols  in Stockholm
(Ten photographs)

Hildred Crill

Some Books Received, 
           With Comments


Ode to a Voice

Margitt Lehbert



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Alexander Deriev 

Editorial Assistant:
Hildred Crill

Art Editor: 
Arcady Kotler 

Advisory Board:
Bengt Jangfeldt
Alan Shaw
Andrey Gritsman
Gleb Shulpyakov
Frederick Smock

Petra Isaksson 

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