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Issue: 8-9
From the Labyrinth

(September 2007)
242 pages
SEK 220
Euro 23.00


Ars Interpres special double issue features new poems from 
Les Murray, Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill, Amir Or, Zhang Er, 
John Matthias, Annie Finch, selected Singapore poets;
and new translations of Alexander Pushkin from J. Kates; 
sketches of Daniil Kharms freely translated and bastardized
by Ilya Bernstein; and Tim Liardet's article about his 
teaching in the Young Offenders' Prison; and a lot more!


No. 8   Enters and Exits

Tim Liardet
Seven Poems
Odd Raft

Lennart Sjögren
Five Poems

Anni Sumari
The Lord of Sipan

J. Kates
The Arrest of Osip Mandelstam

Robert Gibbons
Three Prose Poems

Göran Sonnevi
From Mozart Variations

Rachel Loden
Two Poems

Guido Monte
Aha n.5: interior dungeon

Henning Kramer Dahl
Rolling Angels

Jenny Brantley
Two Poems

A. S. Pushkin
Message to Siberia

Alexander Odoevsky
Response to A. S. Pushkin

Craig Czury
Two Poems and One of Us
       (St. Elizabeths Poem Fusion)

Ulrikka S. Gernes
Three Poems

John Kinsella
From Purgatorio

Regina Derieva
Three Poems

Amir Or
Five Poems

Daniil Kharms

Simon Lichman
Three Poems

Gaspara Stampa
Seven Poems

Malte Persson
Three Poems

Osip Mandelstam
Two Poems

John Paul Minarik
What Can A Lifer 
               Accomplish in Prison?
Four Poems

Nikolai Gumilev

Ellie Ga
Series of photographs

Andrey Gritsman
Two Poems

Beckett Rosset
C-95 (The Shirt)

Aleksander Wat
Two Poems

Jouni Aslak Laukkanen
Locked In

Julia Istomina
Three Poems

Dennis Nurkse
Two Poems

Boris Slutsky
German Woman

Varlam Shalamov
Two Poems

Alexander Kushner
Show Me a Female Criminal

Håkan Sandell
The Bogomiles

Catherine Andras
Woyzeck and Marie

Jessica Harkins

Jim Potts
From Czechoslovakia: 
Secret Journals of the 
Poets Revolution

Pavel rut
Three Poems


No. 9   Shakespeare Garden

Toh Hsien Min
Introduction to Singapore 
             poetry on Ars Interpres

Yong Shu Hoong
Two Poems

Madeleine Lee
Two Poems

Yeow Kai Chai
Two Poems

Heng Siok Tian 
Shakespeare Garden

Cyril Wong
The Apples

Eddie Tay
3 Short Takes on Shakespeare

Paul Tan

Toh Hsien Min 
The Internment of Snails

Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill

Zhang Er
Winter Garden

Zbignew Herbert
To Jehuda Amichaj

Marie Lundquist
I hold on to earth

Leonard Schwartz
Apple Anyone Sonnets

Julian Birbrajer

Giannina Braschi

Annie Finch
Perditas Songs

Daniel Weissbort
Two Poems

Mario Susko
Walking Away

Robin Fulton 
Actress In a Bad Garden

Vladislav Khodasevich
Two Poems

Angelo Verga
Three Poems

Patty Crane
Three Poems

Lasse Söderberg
The Man With the Copper Plate

Emily Nguyen 
The Hamlet-Ophelia Letters

Dipak Mazumdar
From Fluid Twilight

Lars Palm
Be Still My Garden

Ilya Bernstein
Strange Eventful History

John Estes 
What Can Turn Us From 
                This Deserted Future

John Matthias
Laundry Lists and Manifestoes

Brian Fitch
Two Poems

Dennis Creffield
A Midsummer Night's Dream
(A series of drawings)

Les Murray
Ne tibi supersis

William Doreski
Two Poems

Aleksei Purin
Shakespearean Bologna

Augustus Young
Four Stories

Hildred Crill
Some Magazines Received, 
                         With Comments



Alexander Deriev 

Editorial Assistant:
Hildred Crill

Art Editor: 
Arcady Kotler 

Advisory Board:

Gunnar Harding
Daniel Weissbort
Véronique Lossky
Frederick Smock
Alan Shaw
Tess O'Dwyer
Andrey Gritsman
Gleb Shulpyakov


The copyright of 
everything published 
here remains 
with the authors.

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